Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Just Earned My Level II Certification in Orff Schulwerk

The American Orff-Schulwerk Association, in cooperation with The Music Department at The University of Nevada Las Vegas College of Fine Arts holds annual Levels courses in Orff-Schulwerk. This month I received my Level II certification.

The levels courses focus on three areas of study: Pedagogy, Movement, and Recorder.

Pedagogy instruction aims to develop the musicianship of the instructor and their ability to break down music into elemental forms which can be taught to students of all abilities. The Orff approach emphasizes speech rhythm, compound and mixed meter, body percussion, singing, solfege, composition and accompaniment, use of different scales and modes, playing of pitched and unpitched percussion instruments, canon, ostinati, and improvisation.

Movement instruction connects the body to music and features improvisation and choreography, as well as learned forms.

Recorder instruction introduces alto recorder and requires the participant to switch back and forth between alto and soprano regularly, emphasizing instrumental skill, improvisation, and application of the fundamentals learned in pedagogy and movement.

Students are required to perform a final group presentation in each area of study.

I am thrilled to have received the benefit of such fine instruction and camaraderie. I loved my experience of Level II and look forward to using what I've learned.

For more info, visit http://aosa.org/.

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