Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 - I Resolve To Live The Good Life

My determination for this year was to use every day to create the life I want. Each day should be invested not spent.

My best life features lots of art, family, friends, and self care. It includes a variety of settings - mostly in my hometown of Los Angeles. It improves the world through activism, volunteer work, and connecting with people.

So there it is. My resolution is to fill this year with plays and music and books and art. Outings and games and movies and cocktails. Family gatherings and baby showers and birthday parties. Home-cooked meals and mint tea and yoga.

I kicked this campaign off with a Day 1 New Year's Day family outing to the Post Parade Viewing of the floats at the Pasadena Tournament of Roses. If you've ever watched The Rose Parade, you really must go see the workmanship up close. It will inspire you to spend less time on social media and more time meticulously arranging tiny objects to create a breathtaking effect. Or maybe bake a pie. Whatever floats your boat. (See what I did there?)

After the floats, we had delicious hand-crafted Mexican food at Urbano Mexican Kitchen. Best chicken enchiladas of my life. Then we put the little one to bed and watched I, Tonya - a spitfire of a movie. It inspired me to be more good but less nice and I really hope that makes sense but I'm not gonna worry about it cuz nice girls worry too much.

Project Good Life is Go!!!

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