Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Project Good Life Day 2 - Curriculum and Needlepoint

Second day has been pretty successful.

I slept late, having been wakened a couple times in the night by my 5-year-old bedtime visitor and the scratchy throat I've been battling. After morning coffee, taking the dog out, and giving a little guidance on cloth diapering (Hint: Do NOT under any circumstances google cloth diapering. You will be dropped abruptly into a pit of insanity where mean girl mommies will yell at you until you cry.); I got right to work writing the curriculum for my theatre class (grades 2, 3, and 4.) More on that as it evolves but it's a bilingual musical rooted in Shakespeare.

As I was writing, my little one was playing soccer and having a rock out party with her dad. I relieved him of duty and took her with me to pick up lunch for the family. After failing to find reasonably priced ramen noodles, I picked up some Kung Pao Chicken from Panda Express with which to treat my sickly throat. Then I worked with the little one on a stained glass style sticker image of a mermaid. It was a Christmas gift and she pretty much did the whole thing herself, carefully fitting the colored translucent stickers into their corresponding shapes. After that I napped on the couch.

When I woke up, we got right to work on another crafty Christmas gift of hers - a needlepoint butterfly. Mama busted out her long dormant sewing skills (I earned a badge for it in Missionettes. True story.) to show her how to thread a needle and tie off a stitch. We got a couple rows done before it was time for dinner. Then we watched a two part episode of Wonder Woman in which Lynda Carter is taken hostage by Nazis and saves the planet from being toasted by aliens.

Then I got to announce to social media that a short play of mine has been selected for the next installment of We The People - Sacred Fools' bi-monthly evening of political action through art. Admission is donate what you can and all proceeds go to charity. The organization chosen for this evening is Peace Over Violence.

Ended the evening with a pot of mint ginger tea while Jake and I watched The Shape of Water. Really weird. Really good. I can see why people are excited about it.

So yeah. It's been a pretty good day. I'm grateful for that.

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