Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Artist As Mother

My good life has been somewhat sidelined by a stomach bug having found its way into my little one. I've spent most of the last couple days catching puke in a bowl, rubbing the back of a moaning child, and trying to coax her to sip water. At the moment, she's fully passed out on the couch. Rest, little one.

Despite her sad little tummy going rogue, I've managed to finalize my script idea for my theatre class' show, put in a precious few minutes on a full length play I'm working on, promote We the People (featuring me yay!), teach a few piano lessons and a voice lesson, AND watch the final episode of Outlander (with a gorgeous bottle of wine and a pair of dear friends who will soon be leaving the country) before finishing Season 1 of Better Things (featuring the always delightful Rebecca Metz.) So holding steady in the face of adversity am I.

Now if I can just get this kid to keep something down, I'll feel like a success. Off to do a metric ton of laundry. Toodles.

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