Thursday, April 12, 2018

An Abundance of Opportunity

I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy. Slammed. Buried. So crazed. You know?

Do those phrases sound familiar? Do they roll off your tongue as easily as mine? As if our lives were something happening to us rather than something we're creating? A chore rather than a gift?

In an effort to reduce anxiety and regain a sense of control, I'm experimenting with axing these terms from my discourse about my life. When someone asks how I'm doing, I try to respond with a sense of gratitude for the many gifts and opportunities I have right now, rather than talking about my life like it's a burden I'm forced to bear.

An abundance of opportunity. That's how I'm wording it to myself. I'm experiencing an abundance of opportunity. Yes, it's a lot. Because I'm fortunate enough to have a lot going on. :)

My after school theatre class is prepping for its final presentation next month - that reboot of Midsummer I mentioned before. I just finished writing the final bits of text and having them translated into Spanish for the bilingual performance. We go into tech next week and it's exciting! The students have really stepped up to help tell this story. Additionally, I've continued in my life mission to be a one woman Doo Wop Preservation Society by teaching them a couple doo wop tunes which are featured in the play.

A couple of my piano students are prepping for a recital at the end of the month. Very young beginners. One of them is doing her very first recital.

In addition to participating in a staged reading of a musical in a couple weeks, I'll be appearing in the Hollywood Fringe Festival with Dracula's Taste Test. So lots of rehearsals happening right now.

Finally, my Ripper-themed thriller In For A Penny will be workshopped as part of the Sacred Lab Series at Sacred Fools.

And I've been writing songs again. And I just finished my taxes. And with the man of the house gainfully employed on a children's show with Laguna Playhouse, I'm running this household mostly solo.

And I love it all. Sure, I wish my man were around to help take the ancient dog out in the mornings. (She is slow like only the very old allow themselves to be.) But I'm thrilled that he's a working actor. Sure I wish I had more time before every single project goes up but I know I can handle it, so I'm choosing to enjoy it.

Last month, I was involved in a serious hit and run accident on the freeway. A semi didn't see my Honda and the Honda lost that fight. I walked away from the collision but I had injuries and my car was totaled. I'm still recovering, while pursuing my claim with the insurance company. But I'm also consciously choosing to enjoy the wealth of opportunities to be an artist, mother, and person - all of which could easily have been cut short if the accident had been even an inch more serious. I am forcibly reminded of how damn lucky we all are to be here. So I'm committing to valuing my life and refusing to begrudge it. This is all exactly what I asked for. I'm gonna enjoy myself.

Live your life joyfully today. We are all so lucky to be here. :)

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