Shakespeare For Kids

Mistress Crystal ready to host her company's final presentation of scenes from The Tempest and Hamlet.

Shakespeare For Kids is Crystal's original program for grades K-12. It combines a literary exploration of the text, a theatre production workshop, facilitated discussions on the universal relevance of Shakespeare's themes, and an Elizabethan role-playing game. Together these elements provide an immersive experience in Shakespeare's language and time which improves literacy skills, enhances confidence, stimulates thought, and encourages cooperation.

Shakespeare For Kids is available for classroom instruction in 8 to 14 week formats.

You can also access Shakespeare For Kids Online this summer.

For information on how to book Shakespeare For Kids at your school or enroll in the online course email

An e-course will soon be available for purchase which includes:

  • Synopses of the plays and character maps written especially for younger readers
  • A guide to reading and understanding Shakespeare
  • Adapted scenes from the plays - edited to conform with the grade specific reading level while maintaining the meter of the text
  • An introduction to acting on stage with commonly used terms
  • Voice, movement, and acting lessons and warm-ups
  • A list of job descriptions in an Elizabethan theatre company
  • Instructions on making Elizabethan style costumes from common household items
  • Suggested talking points for each play
  • A comprehensive role-playing game, allowing students to build a character, form a company, and have an Elizabethan adventure
The course will be available as a complete set or as individual downloads.

Crystal studied Shakespeare at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (where she earned her BA in Acting) and with Steve McConnell at The Boston Conservatory of Music. 

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